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Mar 16

Is the Murano Grande Condo removing some COVID-19 prevention policies?

The Murano Grande Condo has always been renowned for taking really good care of its residents by taking every homeowner’s opinion. This time, it decided to make a survey of which COVID-19 precaution policies followed by the building, should remain now that it has passed over a year. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. the Murano Grande Condo implemented some policies to protect all its residents and to comply with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, as…...

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Oct 08

On-site Seagrass restaurant at Murano Grande Condo increases hours of operation!

The Murano Grande on-site restaurant, Seagrass Restaurant will increase hours of operation for the Columbus Day Weekend. The Murano Grande condo association has informed all its residents that the Seagrass Restaurant schedule for the week of October 12th, will be as follows: October 12th: From 11:30 am to 7:00 pm October 13th: Restaurant will be closed October 14th to October 17th: From 11:30 am to 7:00 pm Residents at the Murano Grande Condo will be able to make reservations by getting…...

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Jul 30

Foyer demolition at the Murano Grande Condo

The Murano Grande condo wants to inform all its residents that the demolition of Tower II from floors 20 to 25 on Monday, August 3rd, 2020. Murano Grande condo residents from the floors that will be under construction shall remove all the furniture, including paintings, tables, mirrors, etc. from the elevator lobbies. The condominium management office won't be liable for any damage caused to furniture not removed. After the renovation has been completed on each floor, the furniture and items previously…...

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Jun 08

The potential new neighbors of the Murano Grande Condo

The Murano Grande Condo is always trying to keep all its residents informed, not only on what's new inside the condominium but also with the latest updates on the luxury South of Fifth neighborhood. This time the Murano Grande announced 2 upcoming major projects happening close by. Firstly, the still-under-discussing Marina Park Project will be located at 300 Alton Road. Developed by the City of Miami Beach and Terra Group, this project would feature a world-class marina, public space with a…...

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Jun 01

Time to get ready for the Hurricane season at the Murano Grande Condo!

The Hurricane season is Miami is getting closer, and the Murano Grande Condo Association wants all of its residents to be prepared in the event of a storm. The Murano Grande has been following the same Hurricane Procedure in the last years and reminds its residents to: 1. Remove outdoor furniture from all balconies and patios when a storm is approaching. If you won't be in town, please make sure all furniture is indoors before leaving. Lock the balcony doors and…...

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May 28

When is the Murano Grande Condo reopening the pool?

The Murano Grande Condo association informed all its residents on Friday, May 22nd, about the just approved resolution by Miami Beach Mayor and Commissioners, to be sent for approval to the County Mayor Gimenez, stating the following: 1. Miami Beach City Manager to be allowed by the Mayor and Commissioners to reopen the beaches and hotels on June 1st, 2020. 2. Miami Beach City Manager to be allowed by the Mayor and Commissioners to reopen Condo Pools on June 1st, 2020.…...

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May 25

What has the Board of Directors at the Murano Grande Condo been doing lately?

The Board o Directors of the Murano Grande Condo is always looking after its residents. This past couple of months have been difficult for everyone, and the management office wanted to keep all of us informed on what have they been doing lately. Since the beginning of March, the Murano Grande Association hired "Premier Elevator", a new company that helped the condo solve many of their elevator issues. On another hand, the management office at the Murano Grande Condo is now…...

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May 19

One more step in the positive direction – Murano Grande Condo

After Mayor Carlos Gimenez and Governor DeSantis announced the effectiveness on Monday 18th of the reopening Phase I, the Murano Grande Condo association reassures to all its residents how we are one step closer to our new normality. Retail and restaurants will reopen on Monday 18th at 50% of their capacity in Miami-Dade. In Miami Beach, this phase will start on May 27th. The Murano Grande informs to all its residents that the condo pool and gym are not going to…...

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May 14

Murano Grande Condo fully committed on the covid-19 reopening plan

Miami Beach and Miami-Dade have decided to start the reopening of the city and divide it into different phases. The first phase, among other policies, is asking all the individuals coming from New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Connecticut (CT), and California (CA) to Florida, to quarantine for 14 days since the moment they get here. The Murano Grande condo requests its residents to obey the governor's orders so that the reopening phases can smoothly proceed until we resume our "new…...

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Apr 29

Murano Grande Condo starts Phase I of reopening plan

After these few challenging months following strict social distancing guidelines, the Murano Grade Condo decided to follow a reopening plan divided into different phases. The Housekeeping department at the Murano Grande keeps working night and day to assure the common areas are recurrently sanitized to maintain the resident's security and health. The phase I is starting this week and goes as follows: Wednesday, April 29th: The Murano Grande Condo will reopen the Tennis court, but will only allow singles, as per…...

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