Pool Restoration Updates

The Murano Grande is happy to share an important update on the ongoing pool restoration project. As you might recall, previous communications highlighted significant structural concerns identified by the engineers. We’re pleased to announce that the intricate structural repairs have been successful!

Recently, the Engineering Committee adeptly resolved warranty inquiries related to the seamless integration of the existing pool deck waterproofing with the new interior waterproofing around the entirety of the pool and spa. Furthermore, a hiccup arose due to the delivery of incorrect pool finish materials, but rest assured, this issue has been promptly and effectively addressed.

Few more repairs are needed and have already started. The repair party isn’t over yet. There is a few more fixes to do, and our superstar contractors are working their socks off, even pulling evening and weekend shifts. However, the unpredictable nature of summer weather remains a factor that could influence the schedule.

Based on the most recent updates, the goal is that late September we will reopenĀ  the pool. The Murano Grande wish you a good rest of the Summer! The countdown to pool perfection is on!