Major ongoing works in the building

Welcome to the latest updates of the Murano Grande Condo:

The pool restauration project is finished, and the pool is finally open to everyone. The last steps before the big opening were to ensure that the water is perfectly chemically balanced and pass the inspections by the health department. The other step was to close all the building permits regarding this project that will now be a big improvement for the Murano Grande building.

The annual maintenance of the air condition cooling towers was successfully completed. The Tower 1 and Townhouses was completed on October 11th and the tower 2 on October 12th.┬áThe AC didn’t provide cool air in the morning of those two dates, but the maintenance was needed and will improve the well-being of every resident. Those servicing will help avoiding wear and tear caused by non-maintenance.

Two units in the building are doing major works until the 19th of October 2023. The work is involving jackhammering, drilling, hammering, and the use of power tools that will generate noise and vibration. The two units concerned by this are the unit 1804 and 2104. The rec room on the lobby level is available for those who need to work in a quieter environment.

Lastly, to talk a bit about real estate, there is no choice in Murano Grande for buyers, a total of 4 units are for sale. Only two of the two bedrooms are for sale, the cheapest being on the 6th floor has a price of $1,299,000 while the one on the 30th floor is listed at $2,250,000. There is a three bedroom at $3,500,000 and a four-bedroom facing the bay also available for $4,500,000.