AC Preventive service

We hope that everyone is enjoying the Miami weather and the pool that has been reopened recently! Welcome to the latest updates of the Murano Grande Condo:

Starting the March 11th to April 5th, the maintenance crew will be doing the AC preventive service for residents. The service includes changing ac filter, cleaning drain pan and clear a clogged drain line. This periodic service is provided by the Murano Grande Condo to prevent AC leaks. Those routine services are essentials and if you want to do it yourself instead of having someone from the building, it is possible you only need to inform the management office.

Concerning events that happened at the Murano Grande Condo, the building hosted a dinner arranged exclusively for the female residents of the building. This event was a good opportunity to build connections with neighbors and to make potential friends. This event will probably be hosted again next year.

Lastly, to speak about real estate, 5 condos and 1 townhouse are for sale at the Murano Grande, ranging from $1,299,000 to $2,575,000. If you are looking for a condo facing the Bay only one is available and it is the condo #804 listed a $2,575,000. If you prefer a condo facing the Ocean, then the condo #1505 is listed at $1,750,000 and it has been recently renovated, this condo for sale is facing the city and ocean.  To see all the condos for sale and how is the real estate of the Murano Grande Condo, please go on the “For Sale” section of this website or click this to this link.