Is the Murano Grande Condo removing some COVID-19 prevention policies?

The Murano Grande Condo has always been renowned for taking really good care of its residents by taking every homeowner’s opinion. This time, it decided to make a survey of which COVID-19 precaution policies followed by the building, should remain now that it has passed over a year.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. the Murano Grande Condo implemented some policies to protect all its residents and to comply with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, as the vaccination process in the city keeps on successfully evolving, the management office in the building decided to survey all its residents to hear their opinion about each policy.

Overall, residents seem to agree on removing the preventions on the outdoor areas such as reopening the regular use of the recreation room, allowing instructors on the tennis court, and allowing swimming instructors at the pool. On the contrary, residents seem to be opposed to removing policies such as stopping social distancing at the Murano Grande Condo’s gym, allowing trainers in the gym, and prohibiting delivery people to use the elevators for deliveries.

The vast majority of the residents that answered the survey at the Murano Grande Condo agree that the mask requirements in the building shall continue, as well as restoring the water and towel service in the gym and expanding the gym hours to 6 am to Midnight.

In general terms, residents comment on the need to maintain the mask wear inside the building’s premises. Some also agree that it’s better to wait until the number of vaccinated will be higher to reconsider changing the COVID-19 prevention policies.

In conclusion, the Board of Directors at the Murano Grande Condo has taken into consideration this survey, but won’t necessarily agree with the results. It will be discussed in the next meeting and if any changes will be made to the current policies, they’ll be informed to all residents.