Did you know there is Master Association at the Murano Grande Condo?

It is interesting and usually unknown the fact that the Icon South Beach Condo and the Murano Grande Condo have a mutual Master Association that manages common areas and amenities shared by both condominiums. Almost all the areas are managed by this Master Management Office except for the actual buildings that have their own management office.

The Murano Grande Condo management monthly fees include the Master Association management fees. These charges are managed by Didier Perodin and Chuck Lora as Co-Managers of the Master.

The fees serve to pay the landscaping of the Murano Grande townhouses on Alton Road and over the Marina, outdoor painting, general maintenance of the amenities, repair of the driveway, courtyard area, 3 fountains, and planters.

The Mater Association also takes care of renting the SL parking to the City of Miami Beach as it is used by the Miami Beach Marina. These rental payments go to the Murano Grande Condo and Icon South Beach Condo associations.

This extra income covers different projects of the Murano Grande Condo such as general painting which is managed by Getzel Rivera, landscaping managed by Grass Masters and the receiving office with Matias Waigand, Jeff Rene and Roger Pena as Master Staff.