Interesting facts about the Valet Parking at the Murano Grande Condo

The Murano Grande Condo offers 5-star services to its residents such as a 24/7 Valet Parking resource.

The Valet at the Murano Grande Condo has an air compressor machine to inflate air in tires of cars and bikes. They also have a digital compressor for residents and visitors’ use to give PSI reading.

At the Murano Grande, you are fully secure of not running out of battery, as the Valet Parking has a car booster to start a dead battery and for electric cars, there are 2 charging stations. In case you have some guests coming, residents at the Murano Grande Condo have 20 validation stickers per month!

There are 6 valet runners that will gladly help you with your packages and the longer you’ll ha to wait for them to bring your car in 15 minutes according to their policy!

Please remember that the maximum days available for you to keep your car at the valet garage are 3. If your car is higher than 6’7, the valet at the Murano Grande Condo has a flatbed truck vehicles for you!

With an amazing staff at the residents’ entire disposal, the team consists of one director of Valet, one supervisor, and as I already said before, 6 runners. Hereafter a picture and name of each one of them!