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Feb 19

Did you know there is Master Association at the Murano Grande Condo?

It is interesting and usually unknown the fact that the Icon South Beach Condo and the Murano Grande Condo have a mutual Master Association that manages common areas and amenities shared by both condominiums. Almost all the areas are managed by this Master Management Office except for the actual buildings that have their own management office. The Murano Grande Condo management monthly fees include the Master Association management fees. These charges are managed by Didier Perodin and Chuck Lora as Co-Managers…...

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Feb 10

Get to know the housekeeping team at the Murano Grande Condo

The Murano Grande Condo is always in great shape. When walking around the 5-star amenities and noticing everything is spotless, it's easy to think there is no work behind it, as it has always been like that. However, the Murano Grande Condo has a housekeeping team composed of nine heroes that maintain the place in great shape for all it's residents to enjoy it. This blog post is completely dedicated to honoring this incredible team that makes the Murano Grande Condo…...

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Jan 28

Interesting facts about the Valet Parking at the Murano Grande Condo

The Murano Grande Condo offers 5-star services to its residents such as a 24/7 Valet Parking resource. The Valet at the Murano Grande Condo has an air compressor machine to inflate air in tires of cars and bikes. They also have a digital compressor for residents and visitors' use to give PSI reading. At the Murano Grande, you are fully secure of not running out of battery, as the Valet Parking has a car booster to start a dead battery and…...

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Jan 23

Parking for residents at the Murano Grande Condo

One of the main goals of the Murano Grande Condo association is to assure the complete comfort and convenience to its residents. That said, there has been a lot of uncertainty about how the distribution of the parking lot is managed. Out of the 319 parking spots available, and the 270 units the condo has, there are 394 registered vehicles. Each owner has 1 assigned parking space, except for 16 units on Tower 3 of line 1 from floors 21 to…...

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