Get to know the housekeeping team at the Murano Grande Condo

The Murano Grande Condo is always in great shape. When walking around the 5-star amenities and noticing everything is spotless, it’s easy to think there is no work behind it, as it has always been like that. However, the Murano Grande Condo has a housekeeping team composed of nine heroes that maintain the place in great shape for all it’s residents to enjoy it.

This blog post is completely dedicated to honoring this incredible team that makes the Murano Grande Condo look exceptional every day! Here are some tasks they take care of:

  • Cleaning of the Front Lobby at the Murano Grande condo widows every week
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the common areas of the Murano Grande condo every day from 7 am to 9 pm!
  • Pressure washes the lower and upper pool at the Murano Grande condo desk twice a week.
  • Cleaning of the lobby at the Murano Grande condo fountain 2 times per week.
  • Polishing light fixtures and pipes in the fitness center of the Murano Grande condo twice a month
  • Pressure wash the parking garage at the Murano Grande condo

With Julieta Roncancio as Housekeeping supervisor, 6 housekeepers under her control and 2 groundskeepers, the proper maintenance at the Murano Grande Condo is fully covered! The housekeeping team has its own office at the SL level next to the receiving area at the Murano Grande Condo. You can come and meet the seven different nationalities, some of them have been part of the Murano Grande staff for almost two decades!