What has the Board of Directors at the Murano Grande Condo been doing lately?

The Board o Directors of the Murano Grande Condo is always looking after its residents. This past couple of months have been difficult for everyone, and the management office wanted to keep all of us informed on what have they been doing lately.

Since the beginning of March, the Murano Grande Association hired “Premier Elevator”, a new company that helped the condo solve many of their elevator issues.

On another hand, the management office at the Murano Grande Condo is now in process of renegotiating the Restaurant’s Contracts in order to get longer hours, happy hours, sunset dinner, and cost-saving, all this to represent the best interest of all the Murano Grande residents.

One of the bidders to be part of the Murano Grande condo restaurant group is La Terraza. It has officially sent an offer, but the bidding process is still processing and the new reopening date will be informed to everyone as soon as it’s official.

Finally, the Murano Grande Condo Engineering Committee has been renegotiating its contract with the Sprinkler Company. New providers are now been taken into account and the best options will be presented to the condominium’s Board of Directors.

The Murano Grande Condo keeps looking after their resident’s best interests and will keep all of us up to date on their decision making.