Coronavirus at the Murano Grande : Social distancing works!

After a month since the Murano Grande Condo started following all the safety and social distancing guidelines to avoid the COVID-19 spread, the management office is thanking all its residents and staff for their constant efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Some extra recommendations from the management office include wearing a mask at all times when you are outside your unit, including at the elevator and common areas. The management office encourages you to wait for the next elevator in case there are already people inside, and keep in mind the 6 foot recommended social distancing.

The Murano Grande is asking all its residents to please remember to fill out the 2020 Census, as this would determine the funding the condo will receive for future plans and government representation.

Finally, the management office at the Murano Grande is informing its residents to stay tuned as tonight at 8 pm, the Miami Beach Fire Department will organize a parade where they will have a procession of lights and sirens as a thank you symbol to all the citizens staying at home and following the social distancing guidelines.

Please remember that keeping your distance keeps you and your community safe. The Murano Grande is fully committed to acting in pro of their residents’ safety at all times, so, please remain home.