Meet the security personnel at the Murano Grande Condo!

One of the biggest advantages when buying at the Murano Grande Condo is the security system you’ll be getting. With a 24/7 service, the Murano Grande counts with security personnel and concierge on-site that will be more than happy to assist you if needed.

The security at the Murano Grande has differents daily tasks such as maintaining the peace and keeping the loud noise at the minimum level. That’s why there is no music allowed in the building after 10:00 pm. Another task consists of walking around the garage and verifying the vehicles are in their assigned parking space.

The front desk at the Murano Grande Condo will never be left unattended as the security guards cover the concierge during their lunch break. There are three guards on shift at all times, one of them monitoring the security cameras, a lobby greeter and a rover.

The security team at the Murano Grande Condo only accepts legible and valid IDs when requesting elevator access, spare keys or retrieving luggage carts. The security guard also controls that all visitors are accompanied by the resident while using the Murano Grande’s amenities, or that they have written authorization from the resident to be alone.

Apart from all these tasks, the security guards at the Murano Grande escort contractors to units for monthly services provided by the association. Finally, they walk around the common foyers to check that no miscellaneous items have been left outside.

So for next time that you go to the Murano Grande Condo, make sure you recognize this incredible security team that makes the condominium even better! Here is a picture of each one of them for you to be able to recognize them next time!