Time to get ready for the Hurricane season at the Murano Grande Condo!

The Hurricane season is Miami is getting closer, and the Murano Grande Condo Association wants all of its residents to be prepared in the event of a storm.

The Murano Grande has been following the same Hurricane Procedure in the last years and reminds its residents to:

1. Remove outdoor furniture from all balconies and patios when a storm is approaching. If you won’t be in town, please make sure all furniture is indoors before leaving. Lock the balcony doors and windows.

2. Now is the best time to make sure your window treatment is working properly. The Murano Grande Condo advises all its residents to make sure all sliding doors and windows close properly.

3. Anyone who needs any personal assistance needs to advise the management office, as they need to be registered with the Miami Dade County Office of Emergency.

4. In case of a storm, residents and staff at the Murano Grande Condo will be asked to evacuate the premises. If any resident decides to stay, it will be under his/her own responsibility.

5. The management office at the Murano Grande Condo advises all its residents to make sure the condo has all details to contact you if needed.

6. The Murano Grande has requested the City of Miami Beach to advise the management of any changes to the current evacuation plan.

7. In case of a mandatory evacuation, the Murano Grande Condo will shut down the essential building equipment to protect it from any potential power surges. All the Murano Grande residents should take care of their individual units.

8. The insurance policy at the Murano Grande Condo covers windstorm coverage. It is up to each owner to get in touch with their insurance providers for any other coverage such as personal belonging inside the unit.

9. In case any resident won’t be in town, there must be a designated person that will decide on his/her behalf. The management office at the Murano Grande Condo must have the contact information of this designated individual.

It goes without saying that the Murano Grande Condo will keep all of its residents updated on any local announcement or mandatory evacuation.