Murano Grande Condo fully committed on the covid-19 reopening plan

Miami Beach and Miami-Dade have decided to start the reopening of the city and divide it into different phases. The first phase, among other policies, is asking all the individuals coming from New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Connecticut (CT), and California (CA) to Florida, to quarantine for 14 days since the moment they get here.

The Murano Grande condo requests its residents to obey the governor’s orders so that the reopening phases can smoothly proceed until we resume our “new normality”.

The orders not only include residents of the Murano Grande to follow this regulation, but also guests that are using the condo coming from these states.

The Murano Grande advise its residents that the Management Office will inform the Task Force of Miami Beach in case anyone coming from the announced states refuses to quarantine. This is an order from the Governor of the State of Florida, and the Murano Grande is fully committed to assisting as much as is feasible.

The Murano Grande Condo will follow rigidly these rules as the main goal of the Board of Directors and the management office is to maintain its resident and staff’s safety and health at all times.