Personal Trainers rules at the Murano Grande Condo

The Murano Grande Condo is all about its resident’s security and comfort, that’s why at this high-end condo there are strict policies regarding the access of external employees such as personal trainers or contractors.

For personal trainers, the Murano Grande Condo has a specific protocol with regards to accessing the condos’ fitness center. Hereafter are some rules that personal trainers need to follow at the Murano Grande Condominium:

  1. Every time a gym trainer would like to access the fitness center, they would need to sign-in at the Murano Grande front desk.
  2. Personal TRainers need to provide physical proof of carrying the proper insurance in order to access the gym.
  3. Personal trainers must wait at the Murano Grande lobby for their clients as they won’t get access to the gym without a resident.

These regulations are in place for the safety of all residents of the Murano Grande Condo. The management office wants to make sure that everyone accessing the common areas is authorized.